Help us to reimagine a better world

This World Children’s Day, we invite you to reimagine a better world by drawing, painting, building or designing your version of a better world! Create your better world, take a photo and then submit your artwork for the world to see, and the chance to have your artwork displayed in a gallery!

Your artworks:

Kamilha (Ecuador), age 15

A world where everyone can express themselves through fashion, and we can earn respect for one another and accept our differences. (P.S, The Wiggles were my inspiration for my drawing!)

Indra (Qld), age 10

My artwork is about making this world a happy, healthy and friendly place to live for one and all.

Sarah (Indonesia), age 10

Selamatkan dunia dengan menghemat energi

Georgie (Belmore), age 7

Colour is one of my favourite things. I use it in everything I do. One of my favourite things to do is drawn. My world is a happy one because I draw, create and have fun.

Faaduma (Belmore), age 7

A better world is where I can be me, make wonderful art. This makes me very happy.

Jiten kumar (Pakistan), age 6

Rules to follow to make every one safe and happy.............

Jiten kumar (Pakistan), age 6

I love Earth...... we have to save our earth by plant trees, save water, and REDUCE REUSE & RECYCLE.................................

Melody (Ryde), age 12

I hope to allow the world to realise that there is a better world awaiting us, a world that we will create together as one!

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Student (Penshurst)

Imagine a world where we could live together in peace

Payton (United States), age 18

If everyone could be like the Wiggles, the World would be a better place.

Zahra (Yoogali), age 11

To make the world a better place we should stop racist bullying, because you could be pulling people into an ocean of sadness.
When people are sad they won't think they are good enough for the world. They will just feel like no one cares about them. If you are a different skin tone to me don't feel like you don't belong, everyone belongs on our world.

Lily (Yoogali), age 7

If you want to make the world a better place then let's get outside and pick up rubbish. This will help the environment and everyone will be happy.

Student (Penshurst)

Imagine a world with no air pollution

Student (Penshurst)

I imagine a cleaner world

Logan (Yoogali), age 7

If you want to make the world a better place you need to stop the Corona virus and sickness. I want the world to stop being put in lock down and I want people to be able to go to the movies. I want to be able to go to the place we used to go before they were shut down because of the virus.

Student (Penshurst)

I imagine a world not at breaking point

Student (Penshurst)

I am reimagining a world where we choose planet

Student (Penshurst)


Student (Penshurst)

Lane (Yoogali), age 8

You should definitely pick up rubbish like cans, plastic bags and other bits and pieces. You should try and use a bike instead of a car because the muffler on the car doesn't helps climate change.

Tiah (Yoogali), age 9

More parks to play will make our world a better place for you and me.
What could be better than playing and having fun under a tree.
Sounds more exciting than being on a screen.
Children will love the park more and beam.
Playing in the park we can learn how to be safe, kind and not fuss.
With real people that can become our friends and look out for us.

Daniel (Yoogali), age 9

More school will make the world a better place. Kids need more time of learning every week because we need to get our brains sweaty more. Also, school is a happy place to be and school is important for making friends and playing with friends. I feel sorry for children in countries where they can't go to school. The world would be a better place if all children could go to school like mine.

Kruz (Yoogali), age 8

If you want to make the world a better place all the kids should play games together. They can have fun and make lots of new friends.

Liara (Yoogali), age 7

If you want to make the world a better place you must have more sleep. It makes you healthy and energised. You can learn more by sleeping more. Children should not stay up too late. Children should have at least 10 hours sleep every day.

Jasper (Yoogali), age 9

Less Covid cases will make the world a better place. We have to practice safe hygiene. We have to cough into our elbows and don't cough into our hands. We have to make sure to use sanitiser.

Jayani (Yoogali), age 8

If you want to make the world a better place start by spending time with family. Get time together outside. It's way better than being inside. You can do a lot of things like playing with animals, playing games, doing sports and it keeps you healthy.

Shianne (Yoogali), age 7

If you want to make the world a better place we must stop littering. Everyday animals are dying because their environment is polluted. Everyday they lose their homes and baby animals are becoming orphans.

Noah (Yoogali), age 8

If you want to make the world a better place I think children should come to school every day because learning is good. You can learn different things, you play outside and you make lots of special friends.

Kurt (Yoogali), age 11

To make the world a better place we need to look after our animals. The koala needs to be taken care of. Too many Koalas died from bushfire. We need to look after our native animals in our beautiful nature. The koala will live better if we help all of the koala in Australia.

Sabastian (Yoogali), age 10

To make our world a better place we need to help the homeless people. It would be so lonely if you didn't have a home or family to go to. I would like to see no homeless people anywhere..

Arlen (Yoogali), age 8

To make the world a better place we should stop killing too many animals. When we hunt we can kill 1 or 2 animals to get some food, but we shouldn't kill too many. If we don't kill too many animals then they won't become extinct.

Lucas (Yoogali), age 8

You must stop cutting trees down to make the world a better place. Trees filter oxygen so if we don't have trees we might stop breathing properly. We can just pick up sticks from the ground for firewood. We need to save forests and the bush for us and for all the animals that live there. If we can do this we can make the world a better place.

Dominic (Yoogali), age 9

To make the world a better place we need to help the sea and all of the sea creatures by picking up rubbish and taking it to a bin. We should never leave our rubbish out because that is called littering. We should keep our environment clean and that will save lots of animals.

Lucas (Yoogali), age 12

The Tasmanian Tiger is gone. We don't want another Tasmanian native animal to become extinct. To make the world a better place we need to protect all endangered animals especially the Tasmania Devil. We need to find out what is making them so sick and killing them off.

Joel (Yoogali), age 12

A rubbish free environment would make the world a better place. Doing the right thing means putting rubbish in the bin. Do not leave the rubbish on the ground. Leaving the rubbish on the ground damages the Earth's surface and also the animal's environment. Rubbish pollutes our air and makes the world a disgusting place to live. Polluted air is not fair for us or nature. Keep the world pollution free. That will make it a better place to be.

Nate (Yoogali), age 9

We should stop bullying because when people get bullied they get sad and start to cry and the bullies start to laugh at them when they cry. I hate it when people get bullied. I hate it so much it does not feel good to get bullied. I don't know why bullies like doing it. They should feel bad. NO BULLIES would make our world a better place.

Josh (Yoogali), age 10

More playgrounds, less time for kids on electronics. More playgrounds may make kids strong not robotic. More playgrounds filled with equipment and trees. More playgrounds make the air fresher and free. More playgrounds keep kids healthy and fit. More playgrounds so the kids don't just sit. More playgrounds where friends can meet. More playgrounds are a better treat than playing on screens where some people can be mean.

Kendra (Yoogali), age 12

Parks can make the world a better place. Get off the electronic games and go to a park for an hour or two. Make new friends not fake ones like on the games. Have some fun playing with your new friends in the fresh air. Go on adventure in real life not in virtual world. Be happy playing at the park. Go on go and play today at a park.

Jemma (Yoogali), age 12

Kindness will make the world a better place. We need more kindness in the world. To make the world a better place, we need to stop all the bullying around the world like pushing, punching and talking rudely to each other. The way we get more kindness in this world is to stop all the rudeness. Be friendly, saying hello in the morning, asking how your day was are little ways to show kindness. If someone is lonely and sad go over to them. Ask them what is wrong. Check in with them and ask R U OK?

Ashontai (Yoogali), age 9

People need to help stop racism fast because it is getting out of control. It doesn't matter what colour your skin is just because people are different colours it doesn't make them worse or better. There is no need to be mean to people from other parts of the world. We really need to stop all the racism right now to make our world a better place.

Alyvia (Yoogali), age 11

Child abuse is a horrible thing for people to do, and i think we need to make a STOP to it in any way possible. I think if children are in good care where they feel comfortable then that is there family. Just because they are with blood family doesn't mean that they are happy. Heaps of children are getting abused everyday by their own parents and it is so sad that they are not happy with their own blood. Some children are really happy in an adopted family because they get love and not abuse.

Amber (Yoogali), age 12

Autism is not a joke if everyone treats people the same this world will be a better place. Autistic kids and adults are always the ones that get left out or just not heard enough and that is why I have chosen to do autism for my creation. I have a 17 year old brother that has autism and he always gets bullied. He feels left out all the time. Autistic people should be let to have a voice. To make the world a better place we should be more understanding of people with autism.

Amanda (Yoogali), age 11

Amusement parks will make the world a better place because it will bring everyone together. It brings happiness to the kids of the world. Amusement parks are a great experience for families and friends to enjoy spending time together.

Travis (Yoogali), age 10

To make the world a better place the world should put a stop to racism because id doesn't matter what colour your skin is, it matters who you are on the inside. Everyone should stop being racist and accept people for who they are.

Viraj (Longueville), age 8

My vision of a better world is where we are free of diseases like COVID and we take care of ourselves, each other and our planet earth.

Hazel (Clifton Hill), age 7

We need to be kind and look after the world to make it a better place. We should have have more flowers and use less plastic, and learn from how Aboriginal people have cared for the earth.

Student (Penshurst)

I imagine a world with clean oceans

Michael (United States), age 7

I love sharks. My artwork is asking people to recycle more in order to save sharks.

Ajdin (United States), age 7

The earth is stronger when it’s clean.

Coby (Strathfield), age 4

I have to use broomstick to make the Earth clean. I am a pre-Kindy student at Trinity Grammar school. This is myself wearing school uniform.

Nick & evan (Kogarah), age 1

Great health, peace, harmony and love :)

Peter (Kogarah), age 8

My vision for a better world is where we can go to the beach and play football, go swimming, and eat hot chips and ice-cream with my family and friends during the week.

Anonymous (Sylvania), age 15

My vision for a better world is one where everyone can enjoy their passion to gain good mental health as that is one of the keys to achieving it I believe.

Sofiia (Roselands), age 13

My artwork describes that there should be less children involved child labour, the humanity should try to use more biodegradable products, to reduce the death of sea inhabitants. Also the interconnections should still work and trade and export + traveling should be allowed to reopen. Deforestation shouldn’t be used as a method of earning money. There should be cooperation between races.

Ajla (United States), age 10

My vision for a better world is to save the turtles because people keep littering the oceans and it’s hurting the turtles.

Lejla (United States), age 7

My vision for a better world is a clean ocean for the dolphins and the fish.

Belma (United States), age 10

My vision for a better world is to save the trees so we can have clean air!

Annika (Frenchs Forest), age 12

This artwork describes how hard the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals have worked during the coronavirus and what life will look like after our world is back to the beautiful planet we know and love.

Jessica (Narwee), age 14

My vision for a better world is to be equal to everyone to great a better world.

Coby (Newington), age 11

My artwork is about our current world and a better world both within the same planet, showing it is still possible to have peace and happiness, instead of the war, domestic violence, racism, and sexism we currently have.

Zoe (Frenchs Forest), age 18

“ I want people to know how I feel” . This is what my brother said to me when he was 6, the day he was diagnosed with Asperger’s. My brothers Asperger's disorder excludes him from social acceptance. My photo aims to advocate for a group that don’t have the social capabilities to express their struggles. As his sister, I feel a responsibility to express his autism, in the hope that YOU as an individual will reconsider your understanding of this disorder in order to create a better world.

Dhaarani (Denistone West), age 12

My art work shows a girl who is imagining what her ideal universe would look like. A world with clean drinking water, minimal pollution, world peace and much more: our world re-imagined.

Seryn (Ryde), age 11

Our digital design shows someone from a tragic world reaching out to a better world they have imagined. We want to show and prove that there is always a helping hand to pull you into a better world of happiness, peace, and light. Worked with Jolan and Pranavi.

Cindy (Ryde), age 12

My vision of a better view is a world where everyone is treated equally no matter their race, religion, skin tone, gender or sexuality. A world where everyone lives in harmony without having to worry about global warming, wars, terrorist attacks, starvation or poverty.

Pranavi (Epping), age 11

Our digital design shows someone from a tragic world, reaching out to a better world that they have imagined. We want to prove that there is always a helping hand to pull you into a better world of happiness, peace and light.

Dithara (Carlingford), age 11

My artwork represents how we can fix problems of our earth, particularly climate change and global warming, even if it just doing small thing that might not even work. It also shows how children play a big role in trying to help our planet thrive.

Olivia (Dundas Valley), age 12

A better world is a place where all ethnicity would live in harmony, peace and without any wars. A better world would be a place without pollution and climate change. A better world would be where everyone accepts all women, men, transgenders and different types of sexuality do not criticize each other.

Danah (Newington), age 12

I imagine a world where we care and protect the earth. Where we use our resources responsibly and properly. We only have one world so we might as well take care of it.

Sienna (Ryde), age 11

My vision of a better world for children is a place with no child labor or abuse. It would be a world where children can live in peace without any threats to them, their families or their religion/culture.

Chitrakhhi (Parramatta), age 11

My vision of a better world is somewhere where violence is a thing of the past, global warming has vanished and everyone lives in peace and harmony. The rip represents how we're ruining our world piece by piece.

Talia (Ryde), age 10

To make This World a better place!

Indigo and emmanuelle (United States), age 12

We imagined a better World where people don't cut down as many trees, pollute the Earth or litter in the ocean, and where everyone is inclusive and kind.

Jackson (United States), age 10

I imagined a better world where we eat less meat and we are more self sufficient.

Sharlize (West Ryde), age 11

My vision for a better world is a place of happiness.

Enzo (Ryde), age 12

I made an animation about it, but since I cannot put the video I made, here is the link to it Reimagining Better World imagine better world where no one gets abandoned, where the world has no pollution, where everyone can achieve their dreams, where peace and harmony is vital and we can achieve this if we are all hands in hands together. Never lose hope the better world is waiting for us. ( Enzo.P; age 12

Suan (Dundas), age 11

My vision for a better world is one where together we stop climate change and reduce our waste.

Atarah (Chadstone), age 4

I see the world bright and sunny with trees and flowers near our houses. The Earth is green and blue filled with greenery and clean water. My sister and I still wear masks to stay safe and protected.

Seyuran (Ryde), age 10

My vision is a world that has no aquariums or zoos so that all the animals are allowed to live in their own habitats where they are free to run wild. I also hope that there will be more plants, trees and flowers because our current world is a concrete jungle. The last thing I envision is hybrid or electronic vehicles because petrol vehicles are slowly damaging the ozone layer. I see a world that is clean and natural, eco-friendly and kind to all its living creatures.

Mila (Seaforth), age 9

My art work shows how we should look after the world’s environment by not cutting down trees and planting more so that there is more oxygen. I also hope that soon there is a cure for COVID-19 so people stop getting ill and dying. I know that zoos protect injured animals and help the ones that aren’t safe in the wild but we shouldn’t put them in small cages, and we should let them have lots of space like they do in the wild.

Ekam (North Sydney), age 9

My drawing shows the importance of sea life and how we should protect sea life. Here are some examples of what we SHOULD be doing... Keeping pollution levels in the water low Not just dropping rubbish or waste which we are done with KEEPING recyclable stuff, but if you are done, put it in the RECYCLING BIN! Thank you We should try are absolute best and try to get our environment safe.

Anthony (Eastwood), age 11

My art work is about how I want the future of this world to be more eco friendly

Elina (Eastwood), age 11

I chose to draw an eye to reflect a future that represents: PEACE, HARMONY AND UNITY. I depicted the feeling of being loved by everyone around them no matter if they are poor or rich and how children all around the world should deserve a childhood they dream of.

Jordin (Ryde), age 10

My artwork is about the freedom of child now days it expresses some ways as listed on the note. We children are the future so we need tjis day to celebrate ourselves.

Beth (Ryde), age 10

This artwork explores issues such as Black Lives Matter and climate change.

Ruby (Gunnedah), age 8

A colourful world where everyone can have what they want, including: ice cream, a happy family, flowers everywhere and lots of glitter!

Sarah (United States), age 6

A better world for me is a world with no war and no bad drugs and everybody keeps the oceans clean and no fighting so we will all be happy.

Harry (Naremburn), age 5

My vision for a better world is having a big party with family and friends. We can play with balloons, eat popcorn and cakes, watch fireworks and hold hands.

Isabella (Naremburn), age 2

My vision for a better world is finding rainbows in the ocean.

Scarlett (Gymea), age 4

My vision for a better world is one where there are no fires, flowers can grow really big and the sky is clear and blue. At the start of the year when there were lots of fires I learnt lots about how fires start and we couldn’t play outside at preschool when it was really Smokey. We have to look after our environment.

Tiana (North Ryde), age 11

My vision of a better world is a racism - free world full of love and happiness. Also, a clean world that tries to stop pollution from contaminating our lovely world. We must take care of this world with compassion and care and do the right thing. One man and one lady are holding the Earth, representing gender equality and a racism free world.

Anthony (Eastwood), age 11

My artwork is about how everyone in the world can do a part to help the world. With everyone trying to use reusable energy and conserving water.

Kelly (Strathfield), age 12

My vision of a better world is where all students come back home tired but laughing.

Audrey (Gladesville), age 11

My vision for a better world is where everyone and everything works together to slow down climate change. The hands represent the humans, animals, nature and everything else in our world.

Isabella (Merrylands), age 4

Isabella’s Better World A fruit tree with lemons, oranges and strawberries A swimming pool and a girl dog name Daisy. A double swing with Max and Daisy Sun shining down with blue water drops

Zavier (Hampton Park), age 6

The blue is the recycle bin. Green is the rubbish bin and red is the garden bin. I am showing the grownups how to put stuff in the proper bins. The pink person likes to listen and save the environment. The blue girl likes recycling. The purple girl is jealous and she thinks putting stuff in the wrong bin is ok.

Remus (Ryde), age 10

Together, we can keep peace, together, we can keep harmony, together, we can create a better world.

Jack (Eastwood), age 10

Peace, harmony, environment friendly and what we can achieve

Anonymous (Aruba), age 3

Protect the earth now.

Richard (Ryde), age 10

My artwork is about how we can all work together to make our world better after all we've been through.

Jake (Gunnedah), age 5

A nice and shiny world with lots of sparkles!

Sapphira (Blackheath), age 9

I want to see a world of peace that is more equitable and safe, with a healthier environment that is safer for animals, has clean water, less plastic waste, and more women leaders. (Check out the sign ‘Women for President!') My mom, who is a wheelchair user, represents accessibility for all, including those using mobility aids. She sits outside in the clean air. The building is affordable housing with healthy plants on the outside, all living in harmony.

Ivy (Cairns), age 4

If we look after nature, nature will look after us. We need more nature around our houses to keep us healthy and safe. People should be nice to each other and be kind by saying 'hello' to everybody. Ivy 😊.

Jonah (Hunters Hill), age 9

Healthy people and healthy planet

Matthew (Chatswood), age 8

Respect environment

Allira (Brunswick), age 3

"Lots of butterflies, a blue sky, lots of little houses and Lockie Wiggle relaxing standing up."

Isabelle (Carlingford), age 6

Isabelle reimagined a better world and came up with 'No Hunting the Animals'. She thinks we should love and care more for the animals for a better world, instead of hunting them.

Luxi (Balwyn North), age 7

Eat more veggies and don’t chop the tree to protect koala. No die, no virus, no bad guys. Keep a clean environment.

Juliette (Croydon Park), age 9

For my vision for a better world I thought of doing a theme and I picked, From High Up in The Tree Tops To Down in The Deep Blue. You can help by saving what is left in the oceans and on the earth. We only have one planet Earth, so love it, take care of it and protect it.

Corey (United Kingdom), age 8

Corey has autism and love to play Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. This is his beautiful version of the game that makes him happy.

Keiran (New South Wales), age 18

I made this for Emma Wiggle!

Nidhisaa (India), age 15

This is for children's day, drawing with creative ideas.

Olivia (Carindale), age 5

This is what a better world looks like to Olivia. If the world had more butterflies, it would mean we respect the earth and all it’s beautiful creatures, no matter how big or small. We would love and respect one another for our differences. After the craziness of this year with bushfires, and the pandemic, we need to listen to the voices of our children more than ever.

Adalynn (Canada), age 5

Her picture is of trees, sunshine and people sitting on a rock.

Tahlia (Canberra), age 6

I have drawn a picture of my beautiful loving family who are so special to me. I hope that everyone around the world gets to experience the love and warmth of a loving family just like me. We all need love in our lives ❤️ my little brother helped and added he's own artwork to mine lol!!

Shilo (Larrakeyah), age 4

My beautiful world I dream of living together all my precious family members and friends. When I imagine my world, there is sure to be a beautiful rainbow which bless us.

Cruze (Stanthorpe), age 2

Spider web with spider

Archie (Roseville), age 9

Archie would love to reimagine a world where everyone has a safe place to live!

Emma (Karnup), age 3

“I don’t want to have plastic in the water, it can hurt the animals. And that way I don’t have to pick it up”

Anonymous (Truganina), age 2

More love for everyone

Charli (Spotswood), age 5

I think it would be better if we were with everyone in our family, even our grandparents and aunties and uncles and we lived with them all together in the country.

Olivia (Spotswood), age 7

A rainforest with plenty of things to eat for the animals and us.

Edison (Spotswood), age 3

A ocean with lots of humpback whales with barnacles.

Benji (Kellyville), age 3

This drawing of Benji shows a better world with water for all the people and animals. And we can take a boat to Oma in the Netherlands by swimming in the river. There are lots of trees so the koalas and monkeys have a place to live. And the sun always shines.

Booyong (Taree), age 13

Riverbank trees are golden Booyong has helped restore native trees on our local riverbank. He has dug holes, planted trees, mulched and watered trees for the river aquatic ecosystem. Here is a painting he did when he was 10 years old, this reflects some of his river observations. He hopes that the trees he has planted will grow into habitat for the fish.

Anonymous (Manly), age 8

Two favourite rats are meeting by the ocean on a Sunday sunrise. They are still connected during corona virus times.

Dj (Maroubra), age 4

My vision for the world is one with less cars

Zehua (Kingsford), age 4

My vision for a better world is full of sugary sweetness and lollipops. There will be no war or violence, people all live in a well-protective, peaceful environment.

Anonymous (Thornleigh), age 6

Keeping the beach clean and having lots of fun!

Claire (Tingha), age 4

Everyone can dance and there are rainbows all the time and everyone is happy

Madeline (Kellyville Ridge), age 10

The world is a better place when there is Harmony in it. I believe harmony is a mixture of different things. When these things come together they create harmony!

Milani (Thornlie), age 4

Milani has drawn a picture of everyone getting along and celebrating their differences which is typical of her kind and care free nature!

Eva (Frenchs Forest), age 15

My vision for a better world is a world where everyone will be equal and free, free to speak up and stand up for who they're, whether that be gay, bi, straight, non-binary or binary. This is why I have created this character who is standing in front of all different pride flags, to show my support for the ever-growing LGBTQ community. My character who is a cis male has been drawn with feminine features to show that in my world people are not constricted by their gender, anyone can wear makeup.

Charlotte (Croydon Park), age 11

Clothes for everybody

Wenjing (Hurstville), age 14

A High School has playground slides.

Anonymous (Yanchep), age 5

A clean ocean with no rubbish to hurt sea creatures

Anonymous (Butler), age 8

To have clean oceans for our animals by everyone putting rubbish in the bin

Noah (Melbourne), age 6

My vision of a better world is having clean water so all the sea creatures are safe and everyone can enjoy the beach and fishing !

Anonymous (Sunshine Coast), age 6

A better world is when everyone is welcome. I am drawing this person on my wall next to the door, so she can greet anyone who comes and visits our house. Because everyone is welcome.

Anonymous (Sunshine Coast), age 6

A better world for me is when everyone lives together happy, the humans, plants, flowers and the animals.

Quinn (West Ryde), age 4

Quinn’s version of a better world includes no more viruses so he can travel to Germany to see his grandparents and visit all the other continents, sun and rain so everyone can grow flowers and vegetables and watch rainbows, and a birthday cake to be enjoyed on his special day.

Leo (Wakerley), age 4

My vision for a better world is to be kind. Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud 🌈

Anonymous (Beaconsfield), age 5

My vision for a better world is a world free of Corona virus 19 and to be able to see friends and family everywhere across the world.

Arlo (North Richmond), age 3

Corona virus is a confusing time for little ones. Arlo has drawn a world without corona virus which means he can fly on a plane to visit his friend on the other side of the world in Canada.

Yousuf (Ascot Park), age 9

My vision for better world is safe and germ free park where I can run and play with my friends and have fun. Love, Yusuf.

Seth (Drouin), age 5

For the water to be clean for all the animals

Zoe (Redfern), age 5

A better world is where people are kind to each other.

Imogen (Avalon), age 16

A better world is one where everyone speaks up about the issues that matter - indigenous lives matter, gender equality and environmental issues. We can change the world.

Ava (Queenscliff), age 3

A greener world daddy

Daisy (St Kilda's), age 6

If unicorns were real that would be great

Yuanyuan (Gordon), age 5

No more viruses!

Timmy (Bundall), age 5

A better world is when everyone has a house to live in

Nour (Sorrento), age 13

A world where Australia is never on fire

Hannah (Fremantle), age 9

A world where I can dance with my mum every day

Eddie (Strathfield), age 12

A world where my Granny is safe from Coronavirus

Gemma (Bronte), age 14

A world where I can talk to my friends all night